FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY – 30 Pc Pack


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Why be ordinary when you can look alluring with cosmetic contact lenses? Let your eyes radiate confidence with FreshKon® Alluring Eyes, the flagship ‘Iris Enhancers’ line that makes one’s eyes appear larger than they really are. These 58% water content lenses not only give you a clearer vision but keeps you looking naturally alluring every minute of the day!

The versatile palettes consists of 4 attractive shades – Mystical Black, Magnetic Grey, Winsome Brown and a NEW darker shade of brown, Majestic Brown to create your everyday looks with minimal fuss.

In addition, FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY lenses comes with hyaluronic acid (HA) for optimum ocular lubrication, UV inhibitor which blocks 80% of UVA and 96% of UVB appeals to the health conscious daily lens wearers on top of the convenience offered by 1-DAY lenses.

Usage: Daily disposable soft contact lenses

Lens Type: Daily | Spherical (for Plano/Nearsighted), Coloured Contact Lenses

Water Content: 58%

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