MiSight® 1 day

MiSight® 1 day

Right (OD) Left (OS)
Diameter (DIA)
Base curvature (BC)

MiSight® daily disposable contact lenses not only optically correct existing myopia, giving clear distance and near vision, but MiSight® has also been proven to slow the progression of myopia in most children. Daily disposable lenses mean there’s no cleaning, disinfection or worrying about lost lenses. Low dehydration rates, delivers suitable oxygen transmission for daily wear and provide good all-day comfort and eye health. 

Usage: Daily disposable soft contact lenses

Lens Type: Daily | Spherical (for Myopia Control), Hydrogel

Material: Omafilcon A 40%

Water Content: 60%

Oxygen Permeability: 28 Dk/t 

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