Capitol Partnership Opportunities

Capitol Optical is growing. We’re rolling out more stores across Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam but we can’t do it alone.  

We are launching a Partnership program that allows the best optometrists and store managers the opportunity to buy into a Capitol Optical store, lead from the front, and benefit from the ongoing financial success of the brand.

A partnership with Capitol Optical is a long-term commitment. We’re only looking to select partners who share our values, bring clinical excellence and are determined to grow their own business through sound commercial best practice.

Entry into our partnership program requires a significant capital contribution. You will continue to receive a salary while you work at the store, at a market rate that reflects your hours and billings. In addition, you’ll receive profits from the store, in proportion to the capital you initially contributed. For example, if you contribute half of the capital required to set up a store, you will receive half of the profits of that store.

Potential partners will need to complete a program prior to acceptance as a partner. This program will give you a background into Capitol Optical, explain what we provide and expect from our partners, and prepare you to take on a leadership role in your store.

Here’s how the program works: We form a legal partnership with you to own and run a Capitol Optical store. Together, we pick a site for your new practice, design the store, select optometry equipment and start providing exceptional eye care and Capitol Optical products to our customers.

Of course, Capitol Optical handles the back-end administration of the partnership. We play to our strengths: payroll, monthly accounts and leasing are all handled by our experienced team in Singapore. You’ll be able to manage your practice with industry leading IT systems, including online booking, maintained by Capitol Optical. We also provide business and clinical coaches to help you and your staff reach their full potential with centrally developed training and recruitment programs. It’s a package of support that lets you focus on your passion for optometry.






Next steps:

  1. Contact Capitol Optical for a highly confidential conversation
  2. Discuss you circumstances and if selected, arrange for completion of the Partner Training program
  3. Locate, discuss and establish a suitable site
  4. Complete all agreements and finance arrangements
  5. Collaborate with Capitol Optical store designers to create your practice
  6. Open the store and throw a party!



Reach out to us at
+65 6865 0159