Precision1® 1 • Day
  • Precision1® 1 • Day

You’ve tried them all. Yet none of your lenses can keep up with your bustling morning-to-night life. You’re frustrated at the lens dryness, the blurriness, and the discomfort that is slowing you down – and that simply won’t do. It’s time to open your eyes to a whole new world.

PRECISION1™ is designed for those who are always on the go and want their lenses to keep up with them from morning to night. If you’re looking for lenses with long-lasting performance, look no further.

Every PRECISION1™ lens features SMARTSURFACE™ Technology, which is a micro thin, high-performance layer of moisture on the lens surface that’s made up of more than 80% water1,3. What that means for YOU is… It means long-lasting comfort1,2 and precise vision1,2, for whatever you get up to, all day long.

Usage: Daily disposable soft contact lenses

Lens Type: Daily | Spherical

Material: Verofilcon A

Water Content: 51% (Core Water Content); Surface Water Content > 80%

Precision1® 1 • Day

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Diameter (DIA)
Base curvature (BC)
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